Company History

Windhoek Renovations has a long and interesting history into its build-up of being one of the biggest and most recommended plant hire and earthmoving contractors in Namibia to this day. As to be identified in our company name ( Windhoek Renovations ). The company originally started as a renovations company and was founded in 1987 as a small one man show directed and lead by Robert Wirtz. Taking on small and risky renovation jobs for house owners and little warehouses, Robert Wirtz was able to grow and expand his business. By receiving bigger contracts from the Namibian government and Foreign embassies the company was developing fast and adapting to the economic growth of the Namibian industry after its independence.

After a while of being in the renovations sector and building up a trustworthy and satisfied client base, the company took on its next challenge. Purchasing its first heavy equipment and getting into the plant hire business. We started off with used second-hand equipment. The journey into the plant hire earth moving sector was not easy and lots of mistakes were made on the way through inexperience and lack of knowhow. Nonetheless, the company pushed through adapting its fleet to more trustworthy earthmoving brands like Liebherr.

Seeing the geological challenges of the Namibian environment, Windhoek Renovations saw the potential to specialize in hard rock excavation and therefore took on the agency for TABE Hydraulic Hammers which has helped us succeed in bringing our Company forward and completing numerous contracts and challenging job sites around the whole of Namibia.

Today Windhoek Renovations is still thriving forward earning its spot at the top of the plant hire and earth  moving industry and always busy bringing new ideas and technology with more advanced and sufficient plant. Expanding our fleet allows us to employ more local Namibians and tackle numerous job sites and offer a bigger variety of equipment to fit any customer’s plant hire and earth moving needs.

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